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    1. 2020
      儀隴 / YiLong
      Name / 項目名稱
      Category / 項目類型
      Address / 項目地點
      Area / 設計面積
      Time / 時間

      Taking the concept of the cosmic dreamer as the starting point of the design, the whole building takes the aircraft as the shape, as if it has just landed from the air, exists in infinity, and can travel to the new world without restriction. From point to surface, from inside to outside, we hope to inspire children's highly free creativity with imaginative architectural forms. The universe, sun, light and wind, these natural factors are translated into visual architectural symbols to establish a strong connection with growth in the eyes of children with a gentle force.


      The design of the eye of the future comes from the vast universe and forms the most secret place in the universe with the high points in space. Is there really a spaceship in the universe? The eye of the future carries the unknown mysteries of the universe and extends the desire to explore cosmic knowledge infinitely. The bright light guides children's perspective, observes and interprets their places of study and life from another angle, haunts their curiosity about the universe, and develops simple, independent and boundless imagination.


      The function of corridor space environment is multidimensional: traffic and behavior function, display and communication function, cognition and learning function. The corridor environment can better promote the physical and mental development of children. The natural and harmonious color matching constitutes the space atmosphere where aesthetics and atmosphere coexist.


      Strong physique is the core of children's development. We use different combination forms to create collective activity scenes to help children carry out various physical activities. The geometric elements in the space are designed into a game place that is not excessively improved, so that children can create unexpected games for adults. Discovering new things and obtaining a sense of achievement is an indispensable part of growth.


      With the development of the world, science is progressive. What is the science in Einstein's brain? The scientific research room full of scientific and technological sense allows children to accept the Enlightenment of science from childhood, explore the world, and explore the sprouts of science quietly sprout here.


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