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    1. 2020
      儀隴 / YiLong
      Name / 項目名稱
      Category / 項目類型
      Address / 項目地點
      Area / 設計面積
      Time / 時間

      The main shape of the park integrates modern architectural aesthetics with the elements of "purple from the East", breaks the traditional square box closed space system, and effectively links the indoor and outdoor space of the park by using design techniques such as hierarchy, artistic conception and intercommunication, so as to create a shared play space and open social space for children. The concept of borderless education is closely combined with Zidong kindergarten.


      The courtyard is a semi outdoor space, which is connected by surrounding corridors, and the indoor and outdoor boundaries are hidden here. The continuous opening of the inner ring and the outer ring breaks the fixed relationship of space and connects the functional spaces with different attributes. Indoor and outdoor interactive dialogue and shuttle freely, and various functions are complete and interconnected. Children's behavior of playing, learning and exploration can occur anytime and anywhere. All the marks and thoughts about growth are inadvertently engraved in every corner of the space.


      "If you don't fight for three days, go to the house and uncover the tiles." The 1080m enclosed corridor attracts children to run and interact here. The slides and stairs in the courtyard connect the first and second floors. Facing the spiral games and the sky in front of them, the children "go to heaven and earth" here to inspire them to think and pursue different possibilities. It lays the foundation for 36 physical movements.


      The design team selected the actions in nature and created mesh game props that can perform "jump", "shake" and other actions, a wooden pool under the stairs that can perform "flip", "pick up", "throw" and other actions, as well as a small secret base with ropes that can perform "slide", "climb", "hide" and other actions, Thus, a game place that can stimulate children's interest is set up in the park.


      From the entrance to the right side of the lobby, the reading area is cleverly designed under the big ladder from the first floor to the second floor; Using the height difference of the stairs, it is designed into a small interlayer for children's reading, and below it is the theater stage. The "borderless" learning space, the ubiquitous reading environment and the curriculum centered on exploratory "play" middle school not only enrich the interactive communication between children, but also enable teaching and learning to be carried out in an optimized atmosphere.


      Space softens boundaries while converging to meet children's exploration and social needs at different stages; The architectural appearance curve and straight line are integrated to effectively link the internal and external space; Share internal and external space to form a complete experiential learning and exploration; Breaking the traditional pattern, all functions are complete and interconnected.


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